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Students are listed alphabetically by last name

For those students that submitted 
medication/special needs forms:
ALL medications - prescription or Over-The-Counter (such as ibuprofen or allergy pills) must be put in a plastic ziplock bag marked clearly with the students name.  These medications will be turned in at check-in at SRHS and will be carried by chaperones until students have entered the Disneyland gates.

<<--------Please click on the Medication Form tab and download the document


Please click on ANNOUNCEMENTS and then download and read the Disneyland Rules 
and Guidelines for admittance to the Parks on Grad Nite!


1- Students will not be permitted to bring their own backpacks OR purses - cinch sacks will be provided to each student for carrying personal belongings into Disneyland.

2- NO FOOD or BEVERAGES will be allowed onto the buses. ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS - complete and submit the medication form if any type of medication will be needed. Snacks and water will be provided once students are on the buses. No outside food can be brought into Disneyland. 

3- Suggested items to bring - jacket, empty refillable bottle, cell phone, cell phone charger, sunscreen, photo ID and wallet/money

4- DO NOT bring items such as: bluetooth speakers, selfie sticks, glass containers and items that look like weapons. Please click on the link below for the complete list.

5- All students will be screened for drugs (with drug sniffing dogs) and other prohibited items both at the high school and again before entering Disneyland.

6- Please dress appropriately and follow the Disneyland dress code guidelines.

More Details for the Night of June 10th----
  • Enjoy Disneyland® Park attractions and entertainment using your Grad Nite park ticket until 11:00pm and then hop over to Disney California Adventure® Park in time for the start of the Grad Nite private party.
  • Those visiting Disney California Adventure® Park prior to the activation of the Grad Nite private party start time will have exclusive access to Grizzly River Run between 9:00pm to 11:00pm. 
  • Grad Nite entertainment offerings including the dance clubs and character greetings will be activated starting at 11:30pm at Disney California Adventure® Park.

Class of 2017

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---updated 6/6/2017